Our Mission Statement

Our ultimate goal is to stop DIABETES Epidemic, improve the lives of people suffering from this illness and to increase awareness throughout the world the benefits of KINGS Herbal Food Supplement. Continuously preventing  lower limb surgical amputation due to severe wounds caused by Diabetes-Guaranteed. Nobody should suffer from Diabetes. We are changing Lives, Conquering Diabetes Naturally.

About Kings Herbal

REH Herbal  Trading and Manufacturing Inc. was founded by Renato Herrera on November 2001. From GLO Herbal to REH Herbal to Kings Herbal the product contains powerful antioxidant continue to innovate specifically formulated  to address every person nutritional needs. We specialize in research and development of all natural health  product. With its commitment to excellence, REH Herbal Trading and Manufacturing continue to uphold Quality, Reliability and Affordability.



A Diabetes-free Philippines, to defeat diabetes  and other illness beyond medical hope.

To be a world class manufacturer of food supplement product using latest technology. KINGS HERBAL Food Supplement a byword in food supplement business.

To be a well established company that embodies the value of leadership, innovation and continues growth.

To grow a formidable network of dealers who are committed in bringing high quality product to everyone.

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